Faculty of Administration & Social Sciences, Fukushima University

Tatsuya Sato, Associate Professor(Social psychology, History of psychology)

(former VSITING FELLOW at the Department of Psychology, the University of Tokyo),

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Editor of the Journal "History of Psychology and Psychology Studies"

Research interests:

Social psychology, History of psychology .

Research tour(History of psychology) in USA! Web site(English Version) is here.

"History of Psychology and Psychology Studies" Web site(English Version) is here.

Selected Publications:

Sato, T. (1999). New Psychology Curriculum Arises from a Dispute during Pre-WWII Japan. History of Psychology and Psychology Studies, 1, 19-29.;Abstract in English).

Sato, T. and Mizoguchi, H.(Eds.) (1997). History of the Japanese Psychology. Kitaohji-shobo: Kyoto.(In Japanese)

Sato, T. (1997). Intelligence Quotient. Kodansha: Tokyo, Japan.

Sato, T. (1993). Blood-typing: As a lay personality theory. Japanese Journal of Social Psychology, 8, 197-208(In Japanese).

Sato, T. and Watanabe, Y. (1993). Psychological Studies on Blood-typing in Japan.Japanese Psychological Review, 35, 234-268(In Japanese).

Sato, T. and Watanabe, Y. (1995). The Furukawa theory of blood-type and temperament: The origins of a temperament theory during the 1920s. The Japanese Journal of Personality, 3, 51-65(In Japanese;Abstract in English).

International Conference Presentations:

Sato, T. , Mizoguchi, H., Takasuna, M., and Nishikawa,Y. (2000)

Yuzero Motora, as the first Japanese psychologist.|Psychophysics, Educational Psychology, and Zen The 27nd International Conference of Psychology(Sweden); Abstract in English.

Sato, T. (1997).

Japanese blood-typing as biased stereotypes. The 2nd Conference of The Asian Association of Social Psychology(Kyoto), P65.

Professional Experience

  1. 1988-1994 Research Associate(Joshu), Department of Psychology, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan.
  2. 1994- Now Associate Professor, Department of Sociology(Social Psychology), Faculty of Administration & Social Sciences, Fukushima University , Fukushima, Japan.
  3. 1997.5-1998.2 Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

E-mail: a096@ipc.fukushima-u.ac.jp

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