ICP 27th. (Sweden, 2000/07/25)

Yuzero Motora, as the first Japanese psychologist.
@@|Psychophysics, Educational Psychology, and Zen

T. Sato(Fukushima Univ.), H. Mizoguchi(Rissho Univ.), M. Takasuna(Yamano College), and Y. Nishikawa(Hokkaido Univ.)

Yuzero Motora was very influential in psychology of Japan as an organizer, executive, and administrator of psychological science and practice, and as a vocal link between psychology and the larger philosophical and pedagogical community. He studied under Hall, and was a leading Japanese Psychologist. This article investigated the academic life of the first psychologist in Japan. We investigated three type of materials. First type, the biographical record. Second type, the raw material such as letters. We went to the USA to research the Motora's documents in America. The last type, works of Motora himself, especially his attendance at the 5th ICP at Rome(1905) where he read a paper "An essay on eastern philosophy(Idea of ego in eastern philosophy)".